Stev & Co.

Our company

La Stev & Co. specializes in state-of-the-art printing processes with digital and screen printing processes.

Experience and constant investment in new technologies have enabled the company to become a major player in the industry, both nationally and internationally.

Today, Stev & Co. is able to guarantee suitable solutions for all kinds of needs by offering a full range of products for which a high level of quality is assured.

Stev & Co. is certified according to the quality management system UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 now since 2008, and also boasts the UL marking and labeling system PGDQ2 certification, obtained first in the world in 2015 with digital printers (certificate MH29177).

Supply Chain & Manufacturing

Stev&Co is a company specialized in the production of industrial self-adhesive labels, polymer license plates, pre-spaced stickers, and high-definition screen printing and digital printing on a varied selection of media.

Countless products are available for multiple applications that continuously require research and application of new materials and technologies, and a continuous commitment to the production of excellent quality products in a tight time frame. Technology, quality and efficiency are the hallmarks of Stev&Co.

Stev & Co. is able to provide a complete service range: study, design and product manufacturing., delivery and eventually installation or application.
Production is spread over several departments:

– Digital Department
– Screen Printing Department
– Zund Department Cutting plotters
– Die Cutting Department
– Assembly Department
– Application Department

Digital Department

The digital department consists of several machines capable of direct printing in a variety of formats and on a wide variety of substrates: polycarbonate, pvc, polyester, cast and extruded pmma sheets and panels, and banners with excellent outdoor resistance without lamination; direct printing on aluminum and steel sheets, also excellent sealing for subsequent folding of printed pieces.

Flat Bed UV Printers(OCE’ XT 2280, OCE’ GT 2200, OCE’ XTS 6170 with a print area of 3050×2550): a new 6-color + white imaging technology produces ink droplets from 6 to 42 picoliters resulting in excellent image detail, smooth and bright color transitions, uniform solid colors.

UV GELprinters(OCE’ Colorado 1640 roll to roll): low-temperature curing that allows thin, heat-sensitive media to be printed, giving the product excellent scratch resistance and easy lamination.

– Possibility of printing according to UL requirement. UL approval, from Underwriters Laboratories, is mandatory for labels of electronic products that are exported to the North American market.

Products printed by this process provide assurance of safety, according to UL 969 “Marking and labeling systems.”

Screen Printing Department

The screen printing department consists of a screen printing rewinder printer and three other automatic and semiautomatic printers, equipped with special ovens and UV lamps capable of performing baking or drying that allows suitable crystallization of the inks and thus guaranteeing compliant resistance to seal tests.


Space, equipment, and experienced staff ensure the execution of multi-color screen printing and graphics, including on shaped and mechanically finished parts and painted products. Each processing step is carried out by specialized personnel who perform piece-by-piece inspection for quality and compliance with customer specifications.

Plotters for cutting, creasing and milling cutter

Silhouettes, milling, and digital cutting. An endless possibility of
combinations of geometries and materials with our 3 G3 XL digital cutters and 3 M-series cutting plotters from Zund. Used in conjunction with our printers, they allow us to offer the customer an incredible range of solutions for every need.

These state-of-the-art multifunctional cutting systems
allow materials of different thicknesses to be cut with
formats up to 2270x3200mm.
Other machines allow us to perform simple hot and cold bending of polymeric materials.

Die Cutting Department

Our machines, which are capable of die-cutting different materials with precision and speed, ensure cutting reliability and enable repetitive work on large quantities to be speeded up. The department consists of three platen die cutters, two cylinder die cutters, and a sheet metal shear.

Assembly Department

Ability to print on polycarbonate attached to metal frames and simple component mounts.

Application service

Ability to apply the finished product directly on site.

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