Industrial powder coating

The Group has many years of experience in the industrial painting sector and uses modern thermosetting powder painting systems capable of treating all metal surfaces, guaranteeing the creation of highly qualitative products, able to guarantee different classes of resistance to corrosion, including the C5M and C5I in high corrosivity class (H) 1440 h in salt spray.

Powder paints allow you to obtain high quality coatings for a wide range of surfaces. Important success factors in industrial powder coating are an excellent look and feel of the coating layer, a long service life, a high economic efficiency of the process and a sustainable use of resources.

Powder coating offers a wide range of colors and surface effects.

The painting facilities are state-of-the-art:

– WAGNER paint booths, self-cleaning and able to guarantee color change in minutes.

– Intelligent virgin powder feeding system

– Quick color change

– Perfect cleanliness, regardless of color

– Modernly designed powder preparation system

– Clean working environment

– High degree of automation

– Centralized control of all process steps


In detail, the plants of the ILTOM Group that have modern coating plants in-house are: Iltom spa (IT), AbbaxFrance (FR), Paillet (FR), BrestoFrance (FR), Fraven (RO) and Bruder Keller (FR). Both plants in ILTOM are equipped with 5-AXIS ANTROPOMORPHIC PAINTING ROBOTS that can guarantee the consistency of quality standards.

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