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Fraven Srl , like the parent company, is specialized in sheet metal working (cutting, bending, welding, assembly), industrial powder coating, mold construction, sheet metal stamping, precision machining, carbon fiber machining.
Founded in 2005 to follow the need for “low cost” productions, it has two plants located in a strategic position: Jibou (Northern Romania) and Prahova (Bucharest area).

Supply Chain & Manufacturing

To comply with an increasingly dynamic and global reality, the ILTOM Group has implemented a Supply chain and logistics capable of responding with Timeliness, efficiency and quality to the needs of customers and suppliers. Also in Fraven it is possible to produce very high quality products in line with the high quality standards required by the customer. Based on the type of product and location of the customer, the production process is defined; all production steps are carried out in-house, transferable to different plants quickly thanks to a highly integrated system.

Punching & Laser Cutting

The cutting department employs latest generation machines in combination with high quality and competent staff. Based on the type of sheet metal used and finished product, the cutting can be performed:


– FINNPOWER punch express


Several technologies are available in the plants of the Group (FINNPOWER, TRUMPHT, MITSUBISHI, AMADA, SALVAGNINI), to cover all customers needs.


Cutting capacity: Thickness from 0.5 mm to 20 mm (stainless steel 10 mm)
Cutting size (maximum): 1500×3000 mm


Several Laser cutting machines are equipped with ASTES automatic warehouse to loading/unloading and detaching parts.


The bending departments are able to perform several types of processing, being able to count on a complete fleet of machines. Several technologies are available in the plants of the Group (AMADA, SALVAGNINI, FINNPOWER-PRIMA POWER, SCHIAVI) to allow to cover all the customer needs.


Fraven has a department fully dedicated to manual press-brake: flagship of our department, These machine can make the most complex bends thanks to the high staff and refined tool magazine(each machine has its own tool magazine, so the set up between two different production is done quickly).
The integrate meter corner includes a facility for continuous monitoring of the bends and repeatability of the measurements, ensuring high quality standard of machining.

The built-in angle meter allows constant control of bends and repeatability of measurements taken, ensuring high quality standards of machining. At the Group’s various plants, AMADA, SALVAGNINI, FINNPOWER – PRIMA POWER, SCHIAVI technologies are available to meet all the needs of our customers.

Assembly & Mounting

Fraven is able to guarantee operations of
specific welding
depending on customers’ needs and the type of parts to be produced (TIG, MIG, MAG, Laser, spot and steam trap).

Welding processes involve the use of appropriate technologies depending on the desired degree of finish. All welding operations are performed on modular welding bench or on special jigs to allow a high degree of part quality. For large series, the ILTOM Group also has welding robots available in various plants.

The technologies available in the assembly departments are:

– Hanging tackers to be able to spot weld in any area of the part

– Spring and air pointers

– TIG welding

– MIG Welding

The mounting departments are advanced thanks to experienced staff: finalassembling of finished products (simple or complex), special packaging, KITS, heat shrink blister Kits with specific weighting system to check the components, wiring where demanded (after a specific training). In addition there machine for the rubber application (two-component polyurethane)

Industrial powder coating

The Group has many years of experience in the industrial painting sector and uses modern thermosetting powder painting systems capable of treating all metal surfaces, guaranteeing the creation of highly qualitative products, able to guarantee different classes of resistance to corrosion, including the C5M and C5I in high corrosivity class (H) 1440 h in salt spray.

Powder paints allow you to obtain high quality coatings for a wide range of surfaces. Important success factors in industrial powder coating are an excellent look and feel of the coating layer, a long service life, a high economic efficiency of the process and a sustainable use of resources. Powder coating offers a wide range of colors and surface effects.

At Fraven, the paint system is also state-of-the-art:

– WAGNER paint booths are state-of-the-art, self-cleaning and able to guarantee color change in minutes.

– Intelligent virgin powder feeding system

– Quick color change

– Perfect cleanliness, regardless of color

– Modernly designed powder preparation system

– Clean working environment

– High degree of automation

– Centralized control of all process steps

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