Sheet metal bending departments in ILTOM Group can carry out multiple types of processing, relying on a diverse fleet of machinery:

– Automatic panelizer:bending operations are fully automated as well as material loading/unloading, ideal for parts with many folds and high production batches.

– Semi-automatic electric panelizer: Able to make fold program changes in very short time (1 to 5 minutes), ideal for small series.

– Manual Press-Benders:
flagship of the departments, thanks to the high degree of professionalism of the employees and the sought-after tool magazine, even the most complex folds can be made (each machine is equipped with its own tool magazine). The on-board tool magazine enables set up in a very short time. The built-in angle meter allows constant control of bends and repeatability of measurements taken, ensuring high quality standards of machining.

– Robots:
robots, which are fully automated (setup, bending, part loading and unloading, angle control, blade cleaning), ensures high repeatability of folds made. Again, the built-in angle meter ensures other quality standards of the results obtained.

Technologies are available in the Group’s various plants.
capable of meeting all the needs of our customers.

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