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ILTOM Group is an Industrial framework holding leader in machining sheets for third parties. From an artisan enterprise founded in 1970, today ILTOM Group is an industry result of a strategy in which production synergies, dimensional growth, innovation and quality are preconditions to compete effectively. The company’s core business is focused on sheet metal processing (cutting, bending, welding, assembly), industrial painting, mold design and construction, sheet metal stamping, precision machining, carbon fibre manufacturing, screen printing & digital printing, cutting plotter and milling.


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Main Sectors

The fields of application of the metal processing have growth prospect ever-expanding since the R&D, the high levels of degrees of the processing, today make it possible to overcome the natural limitation of other materials.


The widespread use of metal is increasinglyin demand because it is a fully recyclable material without losing its characteristics. Averaged over the last 3 years, ILTOM GROUP has worked in the following main sectors:


The investment in technology and staff training, the territorial growth, the customer orientation and focus on products has allowed the development of skills and competences specialization to serve all markets. Averaged over the last 3 years, ILTOM GROUP has worked the following main markets.


ILTOM Group is committed to becoming increasingly sustainable and reducing its negative impact on the environment.

The following data are testimony to ILTOM Group’s commitment to sustainability and demonstrate its willingness to do its part to preserve natural resources and protect the environment.

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